7 Simple Steps to write an article for publication

If you’re a budding writer and have a story to tell, there are plenty of ways to get your work out there and seen, you may be asked to write articles for publication. You may think that this is a daunting task because you may not know where to start. This is a common question that arises when you’re trying to break into the writing business. The following steps will help you to successfully complete your unique written for publications.

7 Simple Steps

1# Choose a topic you’re passionate about

Write about anything that has something to do with your passion. If you’re an avid reader and like to write about books, that would be great. Consider doing an article on a topic you’re passionate about. Have you always been an enthusiastic football fan? Write about football. Are you the life and soul of the party? Tell the world about it! Anything you want to share is an excellent topic. Research if you are writing an article that is going to be published somewhere else; you should know what exactly the publication publishes. Most importantly, you need to research your topic. If you’re writing an article about popular tv shows, you should know exactly what the publication is that you’re writing for and they’re important facts that you need to include in your article.

2# Study your target publication.

I have always found it very helpful to study my target publication. Know a little bit about the publication and study them for writing style. A good first step to writing for publication is to understand the style of your chosen publication. Another good idea is to take a look at some previous articles to get a sense of how the article should appear. You can even try creating a word document or a rough draft of your ideas for your article. Identify the topic. Next, pick a topic for your article. It should be a topic that interests you and is something that you know a lot about. As you create your first draft, let your thoughts flow, make lists, and build your ideas. Focus on the parts of the topic that you know best. This step will help you stay on track with your idea.

3# Gather your ideas.

First thing’s first. You need to start gathering your ideas. It’s okay to jot them down on paper and draw a little box around them and don’t hesitate to draw a little star at the bottom. However, it is very important that you do this in advance. When writing your article it can be easy to forget the ideas that you’ve had for a topic. Keep it in mind that what you write might end up being used in a book or published in an article. To prevent this, it is important to capture your ideas. Write them down. Select a topic. Now that you have your ideas, it’s time to choose a topic to write about. This is a very important decision that needs to be carefully made. While this article may help to brainstorm your ideas, you should also come up with more specific ideas.

4# Organize your ideas

Before you begin writing for publication, you have to be in the right mindset. Have you considered what type of article you want to write and its structure? Before you begin writing for publication, you have to be in the right mindset. Have you considered what type of article you want to write and its structure? Take a few days to decide upon a topic. Write down a list of pros and cons on each side. Create a brief outline of how the article should start and how it should end. Take out the thoughts and ideas from your head and onto paper. Are you prepared to edit your own work? You can spend a lot of time on this step. Not everything is worth publishing. Edit your work with the help of someone else. This is a vital step, so do it right.

5# Write your article a first draft

An article for publication is not a small writing task. A good start to this task is to first write the exact words of the piece down so that you can figure out exactly how the piece is to be structured. Draft each section of the article as best you can Once you have the structure of the article ready, you can come back to your original idea and write another draft. This way, you will understand and know exactly where to stop and what you want to say. Take notes and implement your thoughts After you have written your first draft, you should take some notes so that you can start to implement your thoughts into the article. Take notes in order to ensure that you are always improving your writing.

6# Rewrite

Now that you know where to start, you can start to rework your article. Consider this your first draft, even though you may know all the main points and know that it would be a good fit, but this doesn’t mean you can now relax. Rework, rework and rework again until it sounds just right. When you’ve finally finished, revise your article and test it on your family and friends before you send it off. One important thing to remember when revising, is that all articles contain basic, fundamental rules for all writers to follow. Avoid clichés and terms Avoid phrases such as ‘hearing voices,’ ‘extreme health issues,’ or ‘a vampire in my sink.’ Always use ‘I’ instead of ‘me,’ even when explaining the situation. Talk about the past, present and future of the topic at hand.

7# Judge the quality of article

Now it is so important to you must judge the quality of article that you’re going to write. You should start by determining if your writing is actually good enough to be published. This is a good question to ask your peers, writing mentors, professors, or even a literary agent. It can be quite daunting to ask someone else to evaluate your writing skills, especially if you haven’t even had the chance to publish anything before. But by all means you should do so. Start small Perhaps you don’t feel ready to publish an article to an actual online magazine, but you would like to have a featured post on your personal blog or create a multimedia content site. Start small with a smaller magazine or blog site. Begin by submitting a short article that highlights your interests and passion.

Publish your article

The first step is to determine where you would like your article to be published, either in the online or print media. Depending on the media, different sections of the magazine will allow you to make it into the publication. For example, if you are looking to write for online publication you need to search for local specific sites. In this way, you can start to create content that would be of interest to local readers. While you’re searching for a site, try to keep an eye on content related to your location. By producing content that would speak to the community and the unique issues that are unique to that area, you are going to be well on your way to writing for publication.


When you have a great story to share with the world, you don’t have to fear that it’s not good enough. The truth is that the audience for your work is just as important as your written words. The above steps will help you to find the right platforms to pitch your work. The most important part of your pitch is that it should have the same energy as your words. If you’re unsure how to craft the perfect written for publications, there are many others out there that you can look up. If you can’t find the perfect platform for your content, try searching for free online writing sites or sites that offer print and online publishing. Your chosen platform will offer various articles and freelance opportunities.

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